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Many of our clients ask for a meal plan that allows them to follow, adjust, or simply see an overview of how they can enjoy traditional Indian foods without compromising their health. This plan and guide features Indian staples like dals and sabjis but also incorporates other options for added variety and options.


This e-book presents a sample 7-day meal plan, accompanied by simple recipes and a wealth of guidance. From cooking techniques to savvy grocery shopping tips, essential lists for both your pantry and kitchen, insights into calorie density and weight-loss, a curated "what to eat" list, dual progress tracking methods, and assistance for crafting your personalized meal plan – we've covered it all.


While this e-book is available as a standalone product, it assumes a level of familiarity with our principles, whether through a session, a lecture, or your own background nutrition knowledge. Newcomers are welcome too; the basics are covered in the first part of the book. Additionally, explore our video, "Indian-Diet: Shortcomings and Solutions," in our shop. It offers a free 10-minute preview outlining our approach.


Note: Digital products are non-refundable. Please contact us if there any issues with your purchase. 

Indian-Style Meal Plan and Guide

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