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I (Andy Bains) created Bains Nutrition to help others live happy and healthy lives. Like others, I felt confused and lost during my struggles with my health. Mixed messages on what to do were exhausting. It's why it took me eight years to get here. Ultimately, it took the combination of my two science backgrounds: psychology and nutrition to solve the health mystery.


I completed my Bachelors of Science in Integrated Sciences at the University of British Columbia (UBC), studying human physiology (the body's systems) and psychology before shifting to nutrition. Years later, I completed my Masters of Science in Human Nutrition (UBC). Currently, I work with clients here, with Therapy Now (local clinic), and with Dr. Kanwar Sidhu's (MD) medical office. 

Since 2016, as a Nutritionist and Public Speaker, I've helped others eat healthier, lose weight, and achieve their health goals. I take great pride in every step made. Small steps over a lifetime lead to destinations never thought possible.

There's more to me if you're interested. But this is less about me and more about your exploration into living your best life. Hit the button below to get started. I'm happy to help however I can!

About Anchor

Our Approach

We rooted everything we do in science. One of the fascinating discoveries we've made is the power of achieving a healthy lifestyle. To us, eating a healthy diet, exercising, and sleeping well create the foundation that sets you up to succeed wherever life takes you. 

 What we eat affects how we feel in the present moment, if we develop chronic disease, and ultimately how long we live. Yet, knowing what changes to make and making them is incredibly difficult. Our approach is guided by leading behavioural and nutritional science, we craft a strategic plan, so you're not wasting effort when there is a better bargain.


In a few sessions, we address your concerns, show you how the food you eat affects you and create a plan for sustainable and healthy changes. We'll introduce the key modifications, new recipes, and more, so help you thrive.

No calorie counting, fighting hunger, or fad diets are needed! For us, successful weight loss lasts. Just a few simple changes can add healthy years to your life. What you do with that extra time and energy is up to you.

What It's Like Working With Andy

Clients describe sessions with Andy as engaging, fun, and deeply informative. A lifelong learner, Andy thrives on addressing the challenges of living healthier and finds working with clients to be the most rewarding. His practice is holistic, evidence-based, and tailored to meet you where you are at. He will share with you why it is so hard to eat healthier, what healthy eating looks like, and create a plan for you to get started with. Specifically, clients enjoy Andy’s myth-busters attitude to nutrition topics as they learn the truth about healthy eating. In addition, his clever use of analogies engrains nutrition knowledge so clients understand the why behind the changes they are making.

What It's Like Working With Andy
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