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Drawing on my academic background in Psychology, I integrate principles of human behaviour to navigate life's challenges. Since graduating, I've expanded my passion for using behavioural science beyond nutrition to address issues related to work, family, romance, and friendship. Like dietary sessions, my coaching aims to uncover the root causes of struggles and develop sustainable solutions. Together, we explore evidence-based principles to work through potential actions for your challenges.

​I am particularly adept at working with individuals grappling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. I assist clients in identifying and challenging negative thought patterns, learning new coping strategies, and enhancing overall well-being. My dedication lies in helping clients understand the complexity of their emotional and psychological struggles, developing solutions where possible, and guiding them to appropriate experts when needed.

Similar to my passion for nutrition, my commitment to counselling comes from my own struggles. In particular, I have dealt with anxiety and binge eating, managing both firsthand using evolutionary principles. My counselling experience is closely tied to my nutrition work, recognizing that making healthier changes often involves addressing the other domains of one's life.

Currently in the "pilot" stage, this service is available at a pay-at-your-own rate. Pay based on the value you find in the help you receive.

If you are wondering if working with me is a good fit for you, book your initial session using the button below. 

Note: These counselling services are not the equivalent of seeing a licensed psychiatrist, or other medical professional and are not billable to insurance. 


Ready to get started? Have questions? Use the booking system below to book your session.

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