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Discover engaging and informative health talks with me, Andy. Whether it's about healthy eating or specific health topics, I make sure your audience enjoys a compelling experience.


Below is a list of our most popular talks and topics. Of course, all the topics can be modified to meet your specific needs. 

Contact me with details about your event, any requested topics, and your goals. There is a form below, or you can reach me via email:

Nutrition Myths-BUSTED!

My most popular talk that covers popular nutrition myths surrounding carbs, fat, protein, and weight-loss. Learn why the science says otherwise in an entertaining, light-hearted, yet informative presentation. 

45min + 15 Q and A

Personality and Healthy Eating

An incredibly entertaining talk that helps audience members understand more about themselves and their habits.

30-60min depending on your needs. 

How to Lose Weight for Life

Have an audience that is looking to eat healthy to lose weight? They'll love learning about their situation, how they can eat until they're full, and lose weight.

Includes practical tips.


50 min + 10min Q and A

Diet and Disease

Talks about the role diet plays in cancer, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, skin health and more!

15-60min, depending on your needs.

Healthy Eating 101

In this talk we share our formula for making healthy delicious meals while diving into each of its' components. People leave this talk with a sense of control of their diet as they see how healthy eating can be simple and practical.

45min + 15min Q and A. 

Q and A

A wild card that is perfect for shorter and longer formats. Every Q and A is different and the audience always appreciates finally getting answers to their (sometimes most strangest) questions. 


Interested in booking? Get in touch today. 

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