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This presentation outlines six crucial steps that we provide to the majority of our clients who speak Punjabi/are of Indian descent. During this enlightening discussion, you will discover the necessary adjustments to incorporate into your diet and the reasons behind them. These modifications are designed to allow you to savour traditional Indian flavours and cuisine while enhancing your overall health.


In particular, we will delve into topics such as weight loss strategies, valuable insights on managing sodium intake, and even a practical cooking demonstration. Our aim is to shed light on why many individuals of Indian origin face health challenges like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure – and more importantly, how you can avoid these issues.


The information within this knowledge-packed presentation usually takes us two sessions to deliver, but we've packed it all in here in a clear and concise manner. 


As far as we know, this talk is one of a kind, going from shortcomings to solutions with specific attention to the Indian diet. 


A free 10-minute preview is available above or by visiting:


Note: Digital products are non-refundable. Please contact us if there any issues with your purchase. 

Indian Diet: Shortcomings and Solutions

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