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Welcome to Bains Nutrition

Hi, I'm Andy Bains!
Let's work together to achieve your nutrition, health, and weight loss goals!

For a limited time, I'm offering FREE 30-minute sessions. Experience solution-driven guidance and support, without any commitments or obligations. 

This initiative aligns with my greater mission of helping as many others live healthier lifestyles. I'm always happy to help!

This offer is exclusive to this page and limited to one per client.

Scroll down to discover your path to better health.


Ready to become another satisfied client? Book your free 30-Minute session today!

Bains Nutrition Advantage


No fad diets, no strange supplements, and no fighting hunger. My approach is centered on achieving sustainable and lasting change, delivering life-long results.


Receive personalized guidance with recipes, shopping lists, and more.


Sessions are available virtually, in-person, or over call. Discover your path to a healthier lifestyle and achieve your goals through expert guidance.


Investing in your health is about steering clear of illness and adding healthy years to your life. Besides saving costs on unnecessary supplements, adopting a healthy eating approach can be a cost-effective choice.


I stand firmly behind my service, providing an industry-first satisfaction guarantee or your money back. It reflects my confidence in the quality of service that you'll experience.

Start Your Health Journey Today! Book Your FREE 30-Minute Session Today.

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Hi, I'm Andy Bains. I founded Bains Nutrition with a deep commitment to helping you achieve your long-term diet and health goals.

Like many, my health journey was filled with confusion and setbacks, navigating conflicting advice that made the entire process exhausting. Through years of trial and error, I started integrating my academic background, insights from other experts, research findings, and practical wisdom. 

Over my 10-year academic journey, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Sciences (with a focus on physiology and psychology) and a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of British Columbia (UBC). Alongside Bains Nutrition, I also work with clients locally, collaborating with Therapy Now and Dr. Kanwar Sidhu's (MD) medical office.

Since 2016, I've been guiding individuals to eat healthier, lose weight, and achieve their health goals. Ready to start your journey? Click below—I'm here to assist you on your path to lifelong well-being!


Ready to get started? Have questions? Use the booking system below to book your session.

  • Available Online

    A private session to address your specific concerns.

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    1 hr

    110 Canadian dollars


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Jack W.

In my 60s I was 251lbs with all that uninvited entourage: tiredness and mobility limitations...Eight months later: I lost 67 lbs! kissed my $3000 sleep apnea machine and diabetes concerns goodbye! Kudos Andy!

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Rai G.

Andy made it very easy to understand the real health benefits of different foods based on peer-reviewed science.

I've lost 20+lbs since starting to work with Andy and my blood pressure is finally normal as well!

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Kate H.

Andy has a better grasp of nutritional fundamentals, human physiology, and practical implementations than most medical doctors, nutritionists, and dietitians I have found at 55yrs old after a multitude of diet-related illnesses, an army of medical clinicians and a small fortune in lab testing for myself and my son.

Ready to become another satisfied client? Book your free 30-minute session today!

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